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Hughes spent £12million to lure the England midfielder north from Aston Villa right at the start of this summer's transfer window. Having admired Barry for so long, Hughes always felt the 28-year-old was a player worth having. But the chance to work at close quarters has left the Welshman admitting he had underestimated Barry's ability.Hughes knows, after 12 years, Barry's mental state is bound to be affected. But from personal experience, he expects a better performance from the midfielder.

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"We have gained an exceptional player and one who has exceeded my opinion of him," said Hughes. "You can admire people from afar but until you actually work with them you do not know how good they are. Now I know we bought a better player than I thought."After receiving so much criticism from Villa fans when he decided to quit the club, Barry is preparing himself for more abuse from supporters who only 12 months ago were hailing his decision to remain in the midlands with such a positive attitude following the collapse of a hoped-for move to Liverpool.

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