Handball Euro 2010 Live

The national team of Poland returns to the EHF EURO for the fifth time until now, this competition has never yielded any medal winning performances. Nevertheless, optimism runs high, knowing just what this team is capable of. Going into major tournaments such as the World Championship, as clearly the underdogs and taking two medals back to Poland, was not only surprising but also a clear statement to all participants reminding them that at competitions as great as these, anything can happen. The Polish team has gained notoriety for its recent accomplishments and is looking forward to Stepping out onto the court.

The sporting endeavours of the Czech Republic became apparent when the country achieved independent status in 1993. The newly formed national team was just in time to take part in the qualification matches for the first European Championship in Portugal in 1994, unfortunately, they lost their chance to the newly independent Slovenia.

Their first appearance at the European Championship came in 1996 and since then the Czech Republic has appeared at five editions of the EHF EURO. Gaining independence before the national team of Czechoslovakia laid claim to five World Championship medals and had participated in every edition of the world championships between 1954 and 1993rd The national team of the Czech Republic have also made five appearances at the World Championship events since 1995 to their last appearance in Germany at the 2007 WC. The national team of the Czech Republic returns to the latest edition of the EHF EURO knowing that they are not the strongest team, but it would be unwise to underestimate the team with star players such as Daniel and Filip Jicha KubeŇ°

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