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India need Australia to lose to Pakistan, then they need to beat West Indies, and by such a margin that their net run-rate goes over Australia's. If any of these doesn't happen, they are out.

If Pakistan's match against Australia is even as much as washed out, India can kiss their campaign goodbye. The saving grace for them is that by half time during their match they'll know what exactly they need to do - if Australia lose, that is.

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A difference of 2.08 in India and Australia's net run-rates looks huge on paper, but since it is based on the results of one match each it is not impossible to wipe out. It will be mighty difficult, though. Pakistan and Australia will make for a tight contest either way, so even if Australia lose India will need a huge win over West Indies. A perfect day is difficult to define, but India fans will know what it is if their team makes it to the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy.

West Indies have been no pushovers in this tournament, giving Pakistan and Australia a scare. They would love nothing better than to spoil a party on their way out. It won't be a surprise if they even wish for Australia to lose to Pakistan, so that they have a chance to actively contribute in sending a team out. September 30 will be one complex day.

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